Male Enhancement Exercises: The Effective and Natural Way to Achieve a Stronger Penis

Medical experts have recommended the use of effective exercises in making the penis stronger. Natural and exercises have got great benefits towards penis enlargement even without the use of other devices or unnatural products. One of the major advantages of penis enlargement when using effective exercises is that you will escape being noticed by people who may laugh at your enlargement tactics. The main requirement is your hands and you may need them for some minutes every day. These penis enlargement techniques through application of exercises need total commitment from those concerned. 

Benefits of Penis enlargement exercises

It is easier to enlarge your penis and make it even stronger with any kind of exercise so long as such an exercise is capable of producing some amount of stress on the cells of the penis. Such kinds of exercises are expected to make the penis to respond in the desired manner by becoming strong and large in size. Another benefit gained from penis enlargement exercises is the improvement of the degree of erection. This is very helpful especially for those who suffer from weak erections. Another benefit of natural penis enlargement exercises is the fact that there are no specific prescriptions that need to be followed strictly hence making it easier to enlarge your penis with the applications of various variations in your exercises. This makes it even easier to achieve the required size and amount of strength of the penis through these kinds of variations. 

The following is an overview of some of the exercises that one can used to increase his penis;

1. Jelqing

Apart from being the most popular penis enlargement exercise, jelqing has been tipped to be the most effective solution for enlarging your penis. This exercise forces large amounts of blood to circulate through the penis and this helps in multiplying the number of tissues within the penis. These kinds of exercise require a person to practice on a daily basis in order for the penis to respond and bring some changes as far as its size and strength is concerned. Jelqing involves the following steps;

  • Lubricate the penis
  • Put the hand at the base of the penis when its semi erect.
  • Start pushing one hand after another towards the head of the penis. It is important to ensure that each push takes a minimum of two seconds.

2. Sex

Medical experts have proved that testosterone brings about growth within the tissues of the penis. The only way in which this testosterone can bring results is by engaging in sex. For use of sex as a way of enlarging your penis, you need to come very close to having orgasm during sex for at least three times without having it. Those who have followed this procedure closely have witnessed the increase of their penis even up to two inches. 

3. Stretching

This process is aimed at warming the muscles of your penis. This is achieved by ensuring that there is increase of flow of blood within the penis tissues. This penis enlargement technique is loved by most men because it is not associated with any kind of risk hence there is no harm of applying it. Stretching involves the following steps;

  • Lift your penis gently.
  • Ensure that the penis is completely flaccid.
  • Hold and stretch your penis in a horizontal manner for at least 30 seconds before bringing it back to its starting position. 
  • This exercise needs one to repeat the above steps for more than six rounds in order to achieve effective results. 

4. Weight Hanging

This kind of exercise has been tipped to have the ability of making the penis stronger plus enlarging it by around one inch. Weight hanging forces the cells within the penis to increase in number through division hence increasing in mass. This exercise involves carrying of some weights by use of the appendage on each and every day. The person applying this exercise needs to be careful so as to avoid damaging the spongy tissues during the process. 

5. Horizontal Penis enlargement exercises

This exercise requires one to use both hands. The process involves pressing the base of your penis using the left hand. The right hand needs to hold the tip of the penis. Then, you need to slide the right hand towards the forward direction until it meets with the left hand. Lastly, bring back the right hand back to its original point.