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Male Extra Reviews

Sexual life ebb is common to practically everyone and although most individuals will not openly talk about it, it does not mean that it is not a common challenge. Maybe it is age, health issues or just mental exhaustion that limits you from experiencing the joys of sexual pleasure. Now that it has happened, where do you turn to? Treatment of laxity in sexual performance is available in all provisions ranging from ‘toolkits’ to pills.

Male Extra is one such type of treatment which comes in the form of pills. If you are looking for a solution to your reduced sexual performance or your ’embarrassing’ penis size or just looking for a way to elongate your sessions, then Male Extra has been cited to provide all these solutions for you.

Most products in the market and not just performance enhancers, promise impeccable results within short periods of time only for the users to discover it was a waste of time and resources. If you have heard of this product but are unsure of its legibility, this review will give you a comprehensive insight of what it is and whether it really works. 


Recent times have seen the continued popularity of this product as a reliable all-natural solution to various male sexual problems such as erectile dysfunctions, premature sexual sessions and reduced libido.

But what exactly is Male Extra?

Hyped to be the best male enhancement pill available, it is a pill that is cited to significantly enhance male bedroom experience by among others enhancing libido, quality of erection, lasting power and most notably, penile size. 


The best way to penetrate and concur a market that is flooded with numerous products, is to ensure that the product is unique, which is what MaleExtra has done with its ingredient composition. 

Pomegranate extract: 

It will come as a surprise but one of the key ingredients in MaleExtra is pomegranate extract. Scientific evidence links this component with a host of benefits among them; Arthritis treatment, prostate cancer prevention, immunity boost, Diabetes control and lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But putting that aside, what role does pomegranate extract play in respect to erectile dysfunction? 

Nitric oxide levels in a male body are vital but their importance depends on the amounts the body produces. For those of who had no idea that the body produces nitric oxide, you now know what to thank moments after you and your partner have experienced long, sensual orgasms. 

Getting and sustaining an erection during intercourse is one of the key functions of nitric oxide. With pomegranate extract, the body is able to effectively produce this component and in significant amounts.


This is an element that precedes nitric oxide production. Combining it with pomegranate extract escalates the overall impact it has on your body and in particular erectile disorders. 


One other ingredient component is Cordyceps. This is a fungus associated with numerous benefits which include; enhancing athletic performance, it kills cancer cells, enhancement of both testosterone production and libido. 

Other present ingredients include; MSM, creatine, L-methionine, zinc and niacin. 


Male Extra has relatively easy and self-explanatory directions- Take three capsules all together but ONLY prior to taking any meal. Similar to all other forms of ‘medication’ or so to speak, experiencing the complete promised benefits may take a while although most individuals have indicated getting results within the period of the first several weeks. PROS:

ü In comparison to other Male Enhancements Pills, this supplement has been accredited as the fastest working solution for male erection disorders which may probably accredited to its ingredient composition. 

  • The ingredient composition enhances both libido and sexual desire as well.
  • The product has received medical-acclaim from certified doctors as a natural alternative solution to erectile disorder
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee of approximately 60-90 days.


  • It is considerably expensive
  • Although it is claimed to be an ‘all-natural’ product, the inclusion of ingredients in the form of Creatine and MSN goes against it since they are synthetic as opposed to natural ingredients.


The ingredient composition of MaleExtra is all-natural elements which in normal provisions would not normally result in any side effects. Nonetheless, one of its key elements, pomegranate when combined with Viagra (sildenafil) can result to a condition known as priapism (or an incessant erection) which even after orgasm will not fade away. 

Although most men might view this as a wonderful thing, the experience is nothing short of appalling. Getting a hard erection that will not fade away results in excruciating pain which in the end leads to an ER admission where to cool it off, doctors inject epinephrine on both sides of the penis which as I would imagine, is not a situation any man would want to be in. 

To be safe, do not combine MaleExtra with any other ED prescription medication or Viagra. 


For the hesitant individuals that rely on customer reviews and testimonials prior to purchasing a product, the positive reviews that have come after use of this product cement it as one of the best solutions to erectile dysfunction. Numerous customers have cited it as a wonderful way to rejuvenate bedroom ‘chemistry’ and ‘flame’. Moreover, individuals that have formerly had embarrassing experiences with their partners because of penis-length ‘deficiency’ have praised Male Extra for wonderful results as with the reviews in their manufacturer website.

“Ever since I started using Male Extra approximately 5 months back, erectile dysfunction is no longer an issue. My relationships have been problematic and short-lived but with Male Extra, I am now in full control of my sexual life”.

FINAL WORD: Is the use of Male Extra really a viable solution?

MaleExtra does not only guarantee improved libido, stamina, and erection quality but is also a wonderful solution to all your bedroom confidence. The unique all-natural ingredient composition sets it apart from all other enhancement products and supplements in the market and is also quite superb since it can be taken singularly or be stacked with additional supplements such as Semenax. 

In terms of result, particularly increase in penis size, the product does guarantee a firm, hard and quality erection which over some time can result in a slight increase of size. 

Nonetheless, with all this in mind, it is easy to see why Male Extra has significantly gained favor and popularity globally over the years. Men are actively flocking to purchase this Male Enhancement Pill to re-discover their sexual pleasure. For all of you out there striving to boost your sexual performance and rekindle the ‘bedroom fire’, the efficiency and ingredient composition makes Male Extra the best solution for all your needs.