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SizeGenetics Review – Does Size Genetics Actually Work?

Most of the time relationships can be complicated and at some point you might want to increase the size of your penis. It might look like a simple matter, but in most occasion the size of your penis might affect your confidence. It can also affect your self-esteem and you might find it hard to face your partner.

SizeGenetics is one of the medically proven penis extender you can use to extend the size of your penis. It`s a medically proven device and known for its drastic results. It can be used to extend your penis depending on the inches you might prefer.

SizeGenetics penis extender is easy, fast and most comfortable to use.

What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics penis extender device

SizeGenetics is basically a penis extension device. The device has been clinically tested and is much recommended by physicians. SizeGenetics Extender is made of top notch high quality plastic material and is designed to offer comfort. It may be used to help increase the penis size and is also helpful to men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease; an abnormal penis curvature.

With proper use, it will help increase your penis size (girth and length) permanently. The device works in a pretty simple way; it keeps the penis in a comfortable constant state of tension. The device makes new cells to start forming, replacing any damaged ones, and the resulting rapid replication of cells, leads to increased penis girth and length. The device does not cause any discomfort whatsoever, and it delivers amazingly fast results as compared to other penis extending systems.

Benefits of Using SizeGenetics

The SizeGenetics innovative design and quality of material makes it rank top in its’ field. It has patented comfort system which enables the device to be used for numerous consecutive hours. This comfort system may be used in over 58 different ways, meaning that it’s absolutely comfortable for every man. Some of the other benefits include;

  • It is comfortable and safe
  • There is no risk for complications like those stemming from surgical procedures
  • Most users can achieve an increase of about 1.5 inches or even more
  • This device has been endorsed by urologists
  • It is ideal for the Peyronie treatment
  • It comes with a 6 month moneyback guarantee

How SizeGenetics works?

The device is medically approved and works by extending the muscles of the penis to a certain point. Progressive extension of the muscle enables the penis to gain muscle hence building and extending the length of the penis. The extension of the muscles tends to cause the small tears and cell duplications to take place along the muscle. For a certain period the muscle tends to heal hence becoming firmer and larger. By attaching the SizeGenetics to the penis it provides a comfortable extension for significant results.


Medically proven by a number of specialists.

The most vital part of the device is that it is has been medically proven all over the country. Sizegenetics has gone through lots of medical analysis and has been analyzed by Danish, US scientists and doctors. It has been proven to significantly extend your penis.

SizeGenetics has been manufactured under strict standards and has been registered as one of the best devices. In addition, it has been approved for administration under the FDA regulations. You can use SizeGenetics with confidence due to the assurance granted of its safety.

Effective when used correctly

It is comfortable to use since it is safe and well-structured to provide the right attachment to your penis. It has well designed extenders which are basically designed to create the best attachment on your penis. It has a high traction to give you the best results. The traction is 50% greater than other devices, hence pronounced to give explicit results. It is painless hence very efficient and produces permanent results.

SizeGenetics has a six month money guarantee. Hence it is of greater advantage to the user since in case of any faults with the machine you can take it back and reclaim the cash within six months. Thus SizeGenetics is the best device when it comes to extension of the penis.


Sizegenetics can also treat a dysfunction of the penis known as Peryonies, which causes the penis to curve. Sizegenetics is well specified to correct the dysfunction by working on the muscle of the penis.


Takes time to take effect.

Just like everything it has its own advantages in the sense that it takes time to implement maximum and permanent extension of the muscles. Hence the users have to take long time to experience permanent results. At the same time it does not give the same results to the users. That is to say most of the users tend to experience varied results of their own.


It has its own inconveniences in the sense that the user has to remove it before urinating. The user has to wear it for several hours in a day, minimum of four hours. Hence it might be tiresome to some users. In addition, you need to remove the device for 10 to 15 minutes after every two hours of time. This is to ensure that there is enough blood flow within the muscles. Hence it has a bit of inconveniences due to the aspects above in terms of health and how it’s supposed to be used.

SizeGentics is the best machine for penis extension and good for health. It is medically proven and highly recommended to produce significant results for the penis. SizeGenetics is comfortable and designed to provide a steady muscle extension. It is worth the prize and you can use with confidence due to its safe nature.

Why Should You Buy SizeGenetics?

  • You can buy this product with full confidence as it is very safe to use and produces great results.
  • The company offers a 6 month money back condition which is fabulous. The manufacturer claims that if the product fails to produce results you will get your money back.
  • The good thing is that the product has undergone
  • several tests and safety checks before being released into the market.
  • In fact doctors from the USA have certified this product as genuine and very safe to use.
  • You will come across testimonials from customers who have greatly benefited by using this product. Some customers have also provided video testimonials to vouch for their statement.
  • You can actually add inches to your penis by using this product.


There are many advantages of having a bigger penis, some of which include; a satisfying sexual performance, increased self confidence, bragging rights, female attraction, just to name but a few. If you are not happy with the size of your penis, you do not have to go for surgery.

SizeGenetics has been around for decades and it’s still one of the top most effective penis enhancement option. Moreover, it’s made from top quality material and it delivers amazingly fast results in a very comfortable manner.

Even if you have never used any penis extension device before, you will get used to SizeGenetics very quickly. Get yours today and start enjoying the many benefits the device offers.