Does Vigrx Plus Increase Testosterone

Erectile dysfunction can be a cause of anxiety and depression to most men. Inability to maintain firm erection can be so frustrating and can make you loose your self confidence and appear less of a man. When a man loses his confidence and masculinity, he is at the risk of loosing his spouse too and this could even be more damaging to his life. For this reason, there have been many male enhancement medications in the market that are sold over the counter or prescribed by doctors to help with such problems. VigRx plus is one of them. This brings as to the big question; does VigRx Plus increase testosterone?

How it works

The herbal medication VigRx plus is used by men with erectile dysfunction to help boost their erection for more sexual pleasure. Most of it users have said that the medication does not just help them get firm and long lasting erection but has also enhanced their energy, boost their mood and increased their desire for sex. The medication helps increase blood flow to the genitals area which increases energy and help in aiding the production of testosterone. This in turn increases libido hence more sexual desire. A sexually active man is an energized and happy man. VigRx Plus helps you achieve this.

The Ingredients used

VigRx plus manufacturers combines modern technology with traditional medication techniques to come up with the best natural sexual medication. The herbal nature of this medication have made it safe and effective pill in the market. The wide range of carefully selected herbal ingredients which have proven to be good remedy for libido makes it produce even better results. The ingredients include;

  • Piper Nigrum L,
  • Turnera,
  • Epimedium Sagittatum
  • Red Ginseng
  • Ptychopetalum Olacoides
  • Cascuta Seed Extract
  • Fructus Crateigi
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Erythroxylum Catuaba
  • Bioperene

These are just some of the active ingredients though there are others used in smaller quantities to make it even worth your money.

What makes it stand out from other medications?

There are so many other erectile dysfunction medications out there but none of them have proven to be as effective as VigRx plus. This is because the medication is proven by scientists to be effective and safe for use. In additions doctors easily recommend this medication to patients without any fear. Not forgetting the testimonials and positive reviews from patients who have seen positive results after using this herbal medication.


VigRx plus is very effective and provides quick results with no side effects. The male enhancement medication will completely charge your sexual life and even make your penis appear fuller and bigger due to increased blood circulation which causes the tissues in the penis to expand.

The Secret Behind The Effectiveness Of The Male Extra Supplement

For any man to give satisfying sex to their partner it all depends on a hard erection that can last longer. For an erection to be hard and long-lasting the blood flow must be sufficient.

Most men suffer from sexual dysfunction as they get older or as a result of medical problems. It can be an embarrassing situation for any man who cannot achieve an erection or maintain it.

However, there is a solution the Male Extra supplements aids in enhancing the sexual desire of men as well as increase the size of the penis.

Besides, the Male Extra helps with performance issues. It is medically proven to be safe and effective with mild side effects.

Ingredients Male Extra

Male Extra consists of a blend of the most potent ingredients to come up with the ideal solution for erectile dysfunction.

For any male enhancement pills to be considered ideal, it must comprise of the best ingredients. To ensure the safety of men, selecting the proper ingredients is vital. The secret behind the effectiveness of the Male Extra enhancement pills is due to the combination of natural powerful ingredients:

1. L-Arginine

As an amino acid L-Arginine contributes a lot to the health of the cell. The body converts the L-Arginine into nitric oxide, which is a major contributor to firmer and healthier erections. It enlarges the blood vessels found in the penis and improves the flow of blood to make possible for men to have a harder erection.

Several pieces of research have indicated the efficiency of Male Extra on male sexual performance and firm erections. A certain study demonstrated that around 37% of men experiencing erectile dysfunction improve significantly after consuming L-Arginine each day in just a month.

2. Pomegranate

Male Extra is the first supplement pills to contain pomegranate. Each enhancement pill has 500 mg of this fruit. Pomegranate has generous amounts of antioxidant –ellagic acid- which is efficient in increasing the circulation of blood.

Individuals who consume pomegranate juice every day have a 17% increase in the flow of blood in only 3 months. This fruit enhances blood flow and also reduces exhaustion during physical exercise.

With Pomegranate 40% ellagic in the Male Extra men can have larger, better erections and the get the power to stay in control for long and make an impression in bed.

Moreover, the current study indicates that pomegranate contains antioxidant properties that can help battle prostate cancer.

3. Zinc

Even for the males who are not after the best male enhancer, Zinc has a significant role in the health of men. Studies show that zinc helps in boosting the sperm health.

Testosterone levels are quite low on men who do not include zinc in their diets. Low levels of testosterone can have a great effect on men’s erections and libido.

And since most men do not get sufficient zinc in their diets, Male Extra has solved the problem by having 45 mg of zinc in each pill. Research indicates that the level of testosterone almost doubles upon an increase in zinc intake.

4. MSM

Another remarkable ingredient that aids in developing healthy cells is the MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane.) MSM is a natural form of sulfur, a mineral that aids in the circulation of blood and is essential for the health of tissues and cells –including the cells found in the penis.

Lack of MSM in the penile cells can lead to rigidity or weakness, disrupting normal erection. Without MSM, the body cannot develop strong and new cells.

The MSM in Male Extra helps the penis to grow by boosting the development of new cells, which can accommodate more blood and help men to get larger and harder erections.

5. Cordyceps

Cordyceps has been used for long by the Chinese people as a natural aphrodisiac. Several types of research have demonstrated the potential of this ingredient to enhance sex drive and sexual performance.

The two chemicals –cordycepic acid and deoxyadenosine- found in cordyceps have the ability to control sexual drive. Cordyceps is an essential ingredient in Male Extra since it increases sexual desires and allows firmer erections.

6. Creatine

Creatine occurs naturally in the body and its role is to supply energy in the entire body, particularly the muscle tissue.

By including creatine in Male Extra men can get a consistent formation of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), hence higher levels of energy. Low levels of creatine can lead to poor contraction and expansion of the muscles.


The main aspect that makes Male Extra supplement pill stand out is the increase in nitric oxide which assists in erectile dysfunctions. Also Male Extra uses natural ingredients; therefore the side effects are mild.

With Male Extra no man out there with erection problems should suffer anymore as this is the perfect solution to all erectile dysfunction and sexual performance issues.

PE Bible Review: Everything You Need To Know

You don’t like the size of your penis; it is very small and that has in way affected you self esteem. A couple of days ago, you had a chat with a very friend about the problem and during your conversation, Penis Enlargement Bible came up. You are now thinking of giving it a try, but before you do that you would love to know a few things about this product. To get you started, here is a very honest Penis Enlargement Bible review.

What is Pe Bible?

Created by John Collins, a sex educator, Pe Bible is basically an online eBook made of a few pages that contains techniques and methods that have been proven to help increase the length and width of your penis. The best part; aside from penis enlargement, through this online system, you will also learn how to maintain harder erections, how to end premature ejaculation and how some supplements can help you in other ways.

Who is the eBook meant for?

The program is ideal for men with reduced penis and those who have had to deal with premature ejaculation and low volume of semen for years.

How It Works?

The way the system works is quite simple; the whole program is based on biochemical and mechanical processes. The mechanical processes include a number of exercises and physical workouts that can actually help initiate and help you increase the size of your penis. On the other hand, biochemical processes include methods and strategies that reactive the psychological conditions needed for the penile growth.

The way the book has been structured makes it worth every other consideration. It has been divided into sections and chapters with each part clearly guiding you through some of the most effective and natural penis enlargement techniques.

It Is Scam?

The program has been developed by one of the biggest names across the industry. It is not scam and so far over 5000 men have tried it and they are all happy about the results. However, unlike so many products available in the market, the product does not promise overnight growth, It takes a bit of patience and discipline.


Created by one of the best sex educators himself, the eBook itself comes with a number of good things. 

  • The procedures and techniques outlined in the program are natural and promises instant results
  • Every single detail has been thoroughly explained
  • No side effects


Nothing is perfect and just like the rest of products on the market, Pe Bible also come with one drawback, but minor one; the timing. This product will not help you grow you penis to your desired size overnight. It takes time. So if you want instant results, you will be disappointed.

Finals Thoughts

At the end, from all the things the eBook promises to offer to what previous users are saying; it is evident the eBook has managed to live true to what many people expected. It is real and a completely life changing product that people with reduced penis should be going for next. Plus, the creator having being motivated by his personal experience with a number of ineffective methods, you can be sure the product will be of great help to you.

Best Male Enhancement Product

VigRx Plus a brand new product in the range of natural male enhancement supplements has been introduced on Amazon recently. In this review, we’ll talk about the actual results of the product, list of ingredients added to it and obviously guide you with the basic knowledge of the product. If you are wondering whether the product works or not, and is it worthy to spend your money on it, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will get detailed information on everything about the product you were looking for. 

First, let’s find out what exactly is VigRX Plus and the entire idea behind it’s design. VigRX Plus is a herbal alternative male enhancements supplement. It is designed naturally and can be taken as an alternative to non-herbal prescription drugs. The product is available for sale throughout the internet, as well as local drug stores. 

The major advantage of this pill is that it doesn’t have any side effects as compared to other non-herbal drugs that you have been using for years, but didn’t see positive results even after prolonged usage. The drug is completely safe and made with ingredients that are known to help increase blood flow into the penis. This helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction and impotency. With this product, men suffering from impotence can get and keep an erection during sexual activity. The only precaution that one should take into consideration while using the drug is that men with high blood pressure should consult their doctor before beginning their doses.

If you are looking for male enhancements supplements, then VigRx Plus is can be the ultimate option to consider and get rid of all your worries. It is a highly prescribed and leading male enhancement supplement in the market today. Before we proceed further with the review, let’s take a look at some key benefits of using VigRx Plus: 

● Helps increase the libido

● Elevated head size

● Improvement in urinary move

● Gives bigger and harder erection

● Greater sex drive

● Remedy of impotence

● Multiplies the the strength of orgasms

● Gives long lasting erection

● Elevated sexual stamina

● Increased blood circulation to genital area.

● Elevated sperm manufacturing

● Considerable improvement in sexual performance

Ingredients for VigRX Plus

As mentioned earlier, VigRX Plus is made with natural products. it is 100% safe and easy to use. Key ingredients used in the formulation include Piper Nigrum L, Ptychopetalum Olacoides, Epimedium Sagittatum, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Turnera, Aphrodisiaca Fructus Serenoae, Erythroxylum Catuaba, Fructus Crataegi. Other non-active ingredients include:

Asian Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto Berry, Catuaba Bark Extract and Hawthorn Berry Muira Pauma Bark Extract

As soon as you will open the box, you will see a label of the company claiming 8 hour guaranteed performance, which basically means that the product will be effective for 8 hours. The recommended dosage as directed on the pack is 1 pill daily. It is advised to take one tablet three hours before sexual stimulation, ideally on an empty stomach for a long lasting effect. 

After a couple of weeks, you will notice a significant increase in your stamina and desire for sexual activity. However, in the beginning, you may get headaches or body ache as a side effect of changes taking place in your body. But, with continuous use of pills, all these will subside in a matter of 4 days of usage and will never come back. 

Where Can You Buy VigRX Plus?

There are number of different options that you can consider to buy the product. You can order the product online through various online mega stores such as Amazon, ebay etc., or buy it from your local drug stores. Buying online can be beneficial as you may be able to avail many discounts and special offers. Money back guarantee is just one of them. 

VigRX Plus is a relatively a new product in the range of herbal alternative male enhancement supplements. It has proved to be a promising product in terms of results. It is a great product for those who have erectile dysfunction, impotence and looking for methods to increase their overall sexual pleasure. This product will not only give effective results, but also increase your desire for sexual intercourse due to the aphrodisiac drug used in its manufacturing. It’s worth trying this product for two reasons. One is that it doesn’t have any side effects. The other is that price is quite affordable for the pleasure you’ll attain after its usage. 

Male Enhancement Exercises: The Effective and Natural Way to Achieve a Stronger Penis

Medical experts have recommended the use of effective exercises in making the penis stronger. Natural and exercises have got great benefits towards penis enlargement even without the use of other devices or unnatural products. One of the major advantages of penis enlargement when using effective exercises is that you will escape being noticed by people who may laugh at your enlargement tactics. The main requirement is your hands and you may need them for some minutes every day. These penis enlargement techniques through application of exercises need total commitment from those concerned. 

Benefits of Penis enlargement exercises

It is easier to enlarge your penis and make it even stronger with any kind of exercise so long as such an exercise is capable of producing some amount of stress on the cells of the penis. Such kinds of exercises are expected to make the penis to respond in the desired manner by becoming strong and large in size. Another benefit gained from penis enlargement exercises is the improvement of the degree of erection. This is very helpful especially for those who suffer from weak erections. Another benefit of natural penis enlargement exercises is the fact that there are no specific prescriptions that need to be followed strictly hence making it easier to enlarge your penis with the applications of various variations in your exercises. This makes it even easier to achieve the required size and amount of strength of the penis through these kinds of variations. 

The following is an overview of some of the exercises that one can used to increase his penis;

1. Jelqing

Apart from being the most popular penis enlargement exercise, jelqing has been tipped to be the most effective solution for enlarging your penis. This exercise forces large amounts of blood to circulate through the penis and this helps in multiplying the number of tissues within the penis. These kinds of exercise require a person to practice on a daily basis in order for the penis to respond and bring some changes as far as its size and strength is concerned. Jelqing involves the following steps;

  • Lubricate the penis
  • Put the hand at the base of the penis when its semi erect.
  • Start pushing one hand after another towards the head of the penis. It is important to ensure that each push takes a minimum of two seconds.

2. Sex

Medical experts have proved that testosterone brings about growth within the tissues of the penis. The only way in which this testosterone can bring results is by engaging in sex. For use of sex as a way of enlarging your penis, you need to come very close to having orgasm during sex for at least three times without having it. Those who have followed this procedure closely have witnessed the increase of their penis even up to two inches. 

3. Stretching

This process is aimed at warming the muscles of your penis. This is achieved by ensuring that there is increase of flow of blood within the penis tissues. This penis enlargement technique is loved by most men because it is not associated with any kind of risk hence there is no harm of applying it. Stretching involves the following steps;

  • Lift your penis gently.
  • Ensure that the penis is completely flaccid.
  • Hold and stretch your penis in a horizontal manner for at least 30 seconds before bringing it back to its starting position. 
  • This exercise needs one to repeat the above steps for more than six rounds in order to achieve effective results. 

4. Weight Hanging

This kind of exercise has been tipped to have the ability of making the penis stronger plus enlarging it by around one inch. Weight hanging forces the cells within the penis to increase in number through division hence increasing in mass. This exercise involves carrying of some weights by use of the appendage on each and every day. The person applying this exercise needs to be careful so as to avoid damaging the spongy tissues during the process. 

5. Horizontal Penis enlargement exercises

This exercise requires one to use both hands. The process involves pressing the base of your penis using the left hand. The right hand needs to hold the tip of the penis. Then, you need to slide the right hand towards the forward direction until it meets with the left hand. Lastly, bring back the right hand back to its original point.