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Best Penis Enlargement Pills

It is very difficult to predict the number of years one can actively enjoy sex. But it would have been much better if one could have sex even when he is not mentally prepared for it. Male enhancement pills will be the ideal solution in this case since they actually act as an instant libido booster. It is recommended to obtain proper information regarding these enhancement pills since they all function in different ways to solve the problems of different individuals. In this article, we have mentioned some essential information regarding the top 3 best penis enlargement pills – VigRX Plus, ExtenZe and Male Extra.

1. VigRx Plus

What is VigRx Plus?

This particular product is recognized to be one of the most popular male enhancement pills on the market at present. Although not a miracle cure, the manufacturer claims that VigRx will be able to help an individual attain long lasting erections instantly. It is also known to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction within several weeks.

How does VigRx work?

This amazing enhancement pill functions by enhancing the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream of the user. Being an essential hormone, testosterone deficiency might result in quite a few health conditions for example depressive disorders, hair loss as well as erectile dysfunction. As compared to the steroids which are injected directly into the bloodstream, VigRx actually functions by stimulating the generation of testosterone without directly consuming it. With a shift in the hormonal balance, an individual will find him feeling “manly” with an enhanced libido.


  1. Stronger and harder erections.
  2. Enhancement in the length as well as girth of the penis.
  3. Improvement in libido and natural sex drive.
  4. Enhancement of endurance and sexual stamina.
  5. Better control over ejaculations.


  1. One cannot deny the fact that VigRx is mainly made of natural ingredients which make it absolutely risk-free. However, the product tends to trigger a number of unwanted side effects which can include symptoms like a strong headache, more perspiration, and Dehydration.
  2. Although VigRx is considered to be a safe product, you need to be cautious while using it. Don’t forget to talk to your physician in case you are suffering from some pre-existing medical conditions.

The Bottom Line:

You’ll find sufficient evidence regarding the effectiveness of this product mainly because of the innumerable customer testimonials as well as its comprehensive track record. In fact, VigRx can be recommended to both your friends as well as your family members. Although not a miracle cure by any means, it provides the ideal solution for any individual to improve their libido and sexual health in a safe and controlled way. In conclusion, it can be rightly asserted that VigRx will be the ideal product for anyone who is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

2. ExtenZe

What is ExtenZe?

This natural sexual enhancement supplement has been designed to enhance the sex drive of any individual. Users have also experienced greater sexual satisfaction as well as better stamina after using ExtenZe.

How does ExtenZe work?

The product mainly works by enhancing blood circulation to the 3 erectile chambers of the penis for creating a longer erection. Besides this, the pill augments the general health of a man by acting as a multivitamin. Because of the “multivitamin” characteristics of this particular product, ExtenZe also helps to generate an enhanced libido. Feeling better will always encourage any man to have better sex than the ones who are feeling poor. According to the manufacturer, it takes about eight weeks to get the effective results after starting to use ExtenZe.


  1. A money back guarantee is offered by the manufacturer within 60 days in case the customer is satisfied with the product.
  2. As compared to some other male enhancement products, it is required to take this pill only once a day.
  3. You can find ExtenZe at stores like Walmart and GNC and there is no need to place any order for that.


  1. It will take as much as eight weeks to get the desired outcomes.
  2. In contrast to some other companies, not many bonus items are offered by ExtenZe although they are more costly than their rivals.
  3. There have been some cases of undesirable side effects such as migraines, dizziness as well as mood swings.

The Bottom Line:

No claim has been made by the manufacturer regarding any permanent increase in the penis size. In fact, ExtenZe will only help to enhance the size of the erection and not the penis. Furthermore, the product also helps to improve the power of your orgasm. Although some unwanted side effects have been reported, research work is still going on to explore further into this matter. Overall, ExtenZe appears to be a fantastic dietary supplement to enhance the sexual health of a man.

3. Male Extra

What is Male Extra?

In case you prefer to possess a stronger and bigger erection, then the answer would be definitely Male Extra. As a matter of fact, it is a very popular male enhancement pill out there which can improve your sexual experience drastically.

How does Male Extra work?

This particular product functions by extending the time prior to ejaculation which offers better satisfaction to both the partners. Intended for those males who are not secure regarding their size, Male Extra helps to enhance the length as well as girth of the penis within only a couple of months.


  1. As per the manufacturer, this particular supplement works much faster than the other supplements out there.
  2. Male Extra helps to enhance libido.
  3. It is suggested by several doctors as a natural and organic alternative for dealing with low libido or erectile dysfunction.
  4. The length of the penis can be increased by as much as 3 inches.
  5. Includes a 90-day money-back guarantee which makes it absolutely risk-free to use the product.
  6. Enhances the volume of the ejaculation.


  1. According to a recent study, pomegranate extract which is one of the main ingredients found in this product is completely ineffective and useless.
  2. It is more expensive as compared to the other male enhancement products at present.

The Bottom Line:

The manufacturer has clearly defined the ingredients used for making this product. You’ll find numerous testimonials online which often include the “before” and “after” pictures of using the product. Furthermore, a 90-day cash-back guarantee is offered to the purchasers which make them sure that they will not incur a loss after buying this product.