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Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

erectile-dysfunctionErectile dysfunction (ED), also popularly known as impotence, is the condition where a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection. Though most men at times may experience a problem maintaining a sturdy erection, if it happens repeatedly, erectile dysfunction (ED) is most likely to blame. Besides the conventional known treatments for ED, there are many natural treatments for the condition.

ED can be easily managed using various natural treatments. While it’s essential for one to see a certified doctor for the exact cause to be determine and treated, one can make a change in lifestyle and nutrition which will help in achieving and maintaining a strong erection. Use of tobacco, certain recreational drugs, excess alcohol consumption on a regularly basis and a poor diet normally leads to vascular-disease, which is one of the major causes of ED. Vascular disease normally prevents an erection by restricting the blood-flow to your penis.

Below are some natural ways to treat ED:

  • Make tea out of Yohimbe and drink. Yohimbe is commonly used all through-out Africa as a key stimulant in enhancing sex drive. It is a testosterone production-catalyst that has been scientifically proven. It will help with any issues you may have regarding an erection.
  • The Indian Ayurvedic-treatment. Take equal portions-of powdered acacia seedless-pods plus raw sugar and take 6grams of it with milk during breakfast. An infusion of honey, jambal fruit and milk will help you get to rid of the problem.
  • Another concoction that is said to have some really great sexual powers is a mix-of 50grams of sirisha tree seed-kernels with 50grams of raw sugar taken in 4-5 gram doses during breakfast for 3 weeks. Lastly, 50grams of dried Indian-gooseberry alongside 50 grams of mango-ginger and 100grams of raw sugar can be mixed with fresh milk as a morning libido enhancer.
  • Herbs like the Asian ginseng, damiana, ginkgo biloba, and muira-puama can be used to treat ED. They’ve been used for many years traditionally to treat male impotence, sexual disorders, to increase the blood flow in the body and also to generally improve sexual function.
  • You can also change your normal diet to 85 percent raw food-diet. That is, nuts, raw fruits and vegetables. This diet change will provide your body with various vitamins and will also help in increasing your sex drive and your ability to maintain an erection. Make sure you eat lots of fruits like berries which will help support the vascular integrity. Your diet can include; beans, whole grains, soy, olive oil, and cold water fish like tuna, sardines, mackerel and salmon.
  • You should avoid sugars and dairy-products to help ease your ED. You can limit the intake of refined foods, fried foods, junk food and caffeine. You should also increase the water intake to up to 50% of your overall weight in ounces-of water everyday. You can also take horny goat weed-capsules twice a day alongside your food.
  • Maca is another herb that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Take 1 capsule with your food. It is a FDA approved herb for ED treatment.
  • Use of Ginseng is another treatment that is said to aid in increasing the effects of nitric-oxide. It assists the penile blood-vessels by relaxing them and allowing for a much better blood flow into the penis, this in turn helps you become strongly erect. You can take 1 capsule of Ginseng daily.
  • An essential amino-acid, L-Arginine, will help increase the nitric-oxide levels in your body which in turn will help you achieve a sturdy erection. 1 capsule can be taken on a daily basis in between your meals to aid in erection.
  • Gingko biloba capsules should be taken up-to 2 times on a daily basis to aid in blood circulation and the blood flow to your penis. This will enable your blood vessels to easily dilate and fill-up with blood, thus creating a sturdy erection.
  • Co-Q10 is another natural substance that’s produced by your body in small amounts. Supplements of 100mg capsules can be taken once on a daily basis to enhance your overall well being. By doing this, your libido and sexual stimulation will be heightened.
  • Damiana leaves have been used as an aphrodisiac since the ancient times. They are said to enhance sexual function in both women and men alike. 1 to 3 450mg capsules should be taken daily along with your meal.
  • Muira puama, a Brazilian tree-bark extract, can be used to increase libido and also to enhance a man’s ability to both achieve and maintain an erection.

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