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An Overview of the Best Natural Male Enhancement Foods

There is nothing as embarrassing as failing to perform when you have a bewitching damsel beside you in bed. This problem is called erectile dysfunction and many men suffer from it especially as they age. Male enhancement procedures such as devices and contraptions are not discrete and at times can be intimidating. Besides, many drugs have been developed to address the problem but they may be associated with serious and life threatening health problems.

This leaves natural male enhancement as the best method is boosting sexual performance. If you are suffering from dwindling sexual performance then one of the best ways to regain your manhood is to eat the right kinds of food. Evidence indicates that certain types of food especially those rich in vitamins and essential minerals can cause male enhancement and improve sexual prowess. Here, we are going to discuss some of the most effective natural male enhancement foods.

The Type of Diet to Adopt

Before we list the foods for natural male enhancement, there are a few things to point out. First is the fact that your overall diet has to be balanced. Apart from this, your diet must consist of unprocessed, unrefined and whole foods. The diet should be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, whole grains, olive oil as well as fish protein. Junk foods, fried foods, dairy products, refined foods as wells foods with high sugar content must be as far from you as possible.

Top 5 Natural Male Enhancement Foods

Turning to our list, there are many natural male enhancement foods, which can be purchased from local pantries and groceries. Here, however, we have listed five of the most effective foods in male enhancement.

1. Bananas

This delicious, yellow fruit is the very best food in male enhancement. If you are keen, you will see the irony in their shape compared to that of erect penis. Bananas are rich in potassium as well as vitamin B6 both of which are very important in the normal function of the penis. Potassium helps regulate heartbeat, nerve function as well as blood pressure. Vitamin B6 helps in the growth of the penile tissue.

Furthermore, bananas are precursors of dopamine, a substance that is known to regulate sexual desire, libido as well as erection. Just include a few ripe bananas in your daily diet and you will see the difference these fruits can bring.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon is another fruit that has been demonstrated to be essential in natural male enhancement. It is rich in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that will clear toxins in your blood and boost your immunity. Besides, watermelon is rich in a chemical referred to as citrulline which acts as a vasodilator (relaxes blood vessels) and therefore promote blood flow to the penile tissue as well as other areas of the body. In this manner it works just like certain male enhancement pills in the market including Viagra.

3. Oysters

Since antiquity, oysters have been known to be aphrodisiacs and have been used for that purpose for years. If you want to naturally enhance your performance as a male, then you need to start eating oysters if you have not been eating them or increase the amount you consume if you are an occasional eater.

Oysters are rich sources of selenium and zinc, both of which are vital minerals in promoting erections and increasing sperm count. It is not strange that oysters are used in the manufacture of many vitality supplements currently in the market.

4. Cherries and Berries

Acerola cherries and Acai berries have been known for a long time to be some of the very best anti-aging foods. What you may not know is that they can also prevent erectile dysfunction that comes with aging. Acerola cherries are very rich in vitamin C and other nutrients capable of promoting general health.

Acai berries on the other hand contain compounds collectively known as anthocyanins. They are powerful antioxidants and promote blood flow to all parts of the body including the penis. They also help with brain function and therefore increase sexual desire and performance.

5. Wine

A common phrase when it comes to wines is that a glass of wine is healthy part of a nice dinner. Another aspect of this delicious drink is that it is one of the best natural male enhancement foods. This is because wine contains a number of anti-oxidants and compounds known as phytochemicals. The most important of these phytochemicals is referred to as resveratrol which supports cardiovascular health and therefore beneficial in eliminating erection problems.

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